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Should there be emergency dental care available?

Cassie Minor started this conversation
One of the greatest issues in access to dental care is a need for emergency help. While there are a number of obstacles to dental ERs, they could provide much needed relief and treatment.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should there be emergency dental help available?
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cassie the greatest issue is that emergency care is a result of a failed system. Our system is broken and no amount of governmental intervention is going to solve this issue, in fact it will only make it worse. We as the doctors and to only ones who can legitimately provide health care must take a long hard look at the the way we are doing the business end of our profession. We have been fools! We have been tricked into thinking that our charges are justifiable when actually they are not. I stand up and challenge anyone to explain to me how it cost thousands of dollars to set a broken arm. The cost simply is not there. We are not charging for the treating the broken arm; we are charging for the cost of the hospital and that cost should not be placed only on the backs of the sick and injured but we should all share that cost each month. What we are talking about is a couple of hundred dollars a month to your local hospitals. Then your payments go 100% to the cost of delivery of health care and not for blimps and commercials advertising on TV for health insurance. You would create a panacea of health care because the health care facilities would be receiving all the money earmarked for health without filing a single form. The money for you health care needs would be already be there much like the swimming pool at an apartment complex. It is there because you pay for it DIRECTLY. This approach would make healthcare cheaper, more efficient and produce a sane healthcare system. What we have now is simple insanity!
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Cassie Minor   in reply to DR. TRUTH
This question was in regard to a dentist available in a hospital ER. This came up among colleagues after the organization had been approached by patients that had received inappropriate treatment in the ER, via physician assistants. Considering how many people seek treatment after normal business hours in ERs for emergencies, what possible solutions might be available to address this present access issue?
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There is emergency dental available at almost every dental office. Or are you talking 24 hour emergency care?
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